UTOPIA LONDON was screened on Tuesday 6th March 2012


The screening was a huge success, with an audience of 100.

UTOPIA LONDON is a visually stunning documentary about the 20th century rebuilding of London by modernist architects.  These young idealists were united around a vision – using science and art to create a society of equal citizens.  The film shows how they revolutionised life in the city in the wake of destruction from WWII and eliminated the poor living conditions inherited from the Industrial Revolution.

Director Tom Cordell travels through the recent history of the city where he grew up.  He finds the architects who designed it and reunites them with the buildings they created, including iconic structures like Pimlico School, the Alexandra Road and Alton East and Alton West estates and Lambeth landmarks like Brixton Rec and Dawson’s Heights.

The film also shows how the meaning of these transformative buildings has been radically manipulated over subsequent decades.  Inspired by the optimism of the past, it asks: where do we go now?

The screening was followed by a discussion with the film maker, Tom Cordell.

For more information, watch the trailer or purchase a DVD see www.utopialondon.com 

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