Design Philanthropy  is a series of projects created for Vauxhall by the Royal College of Art Design Interactions department.  Using unexpected and ingenious approaches,  the projects explore what 21st century philanthropy might offer to an area facing massive redevelopment.  The projects were presented to the local community at a very popular event on 22nd November 2011 at Tate South Lambeth Library.

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Shades of Vauxhall:  Bertrand Clerc

Vauxhall Shadows Summer 7am to 7pm







This is a project aimed at addressing one particular aspect of the impact from future VNEB development that will affect local residents: the potential loss of direct sunlight in the areas that surround the future buildings. First, a device allows people to visualise the mapping of future shadows in order to understand directly how their neighbourhood will be affected. Then, a reverse engineering software application helps to create a new building space from an optimised sets of shadows in order to generate a counter future proposal.


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