BONNINGTON SQUARE screening May 2011

We had a great evening at our first DIGITAL TUESDAYS screenng at TSL on Friday 27th May.  53 people came to watch Alistair Oldham’s fascinating memoir of how a group of 1980s squatters took over the derelict houses in Bonnington Square in Vauxhall and created a vibrant co-operative community which thrives to this day.

The screening was followed by a discussion with the director,  landscape designer Jimmy Fraser who features in the film and Rita Keegan, Chair of the Bonnington Centre.  Local people shared memories of growing up and going to school around Bonnington Square in the 1950s.

BONNINGTON SQUARE (20 min, 2010)  Director Alistair Oldham

In the early 1980s squatters took over the derelict houses in Bonnington Square near Vauxhall Station.  They renovated the houses, set up a communal garden and cafe and created a co-operative way of living which continues today.

How did this idealistic group survive and become ‘legitimate’ when so many others were evicted?  What does it mean to live in such a community in 2011?   And what can we learn from Bonnington Square in the age of the Big Society?

Link to the Bonnington Centre here

Link to the Bonnington Cafe here

Link to Italo Deli, Bonnington Square here

Director Alistair Oldham was one of the original squatters and now teaches documentary production at the University of the West of England in Bristol. You can buy a DVD copy of the film from Alistair

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A series of Portuguese and Brazilian short films will start in the  Autumn.

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