We now have a digital family history group which meets once a month on a Friday morning at Tate South Lambeth Library.

Many people are interested in finding out more about their ancestors, and the leading  family history programme is available to use for free in any Lambeth library.  You can search for your ancestors anywhere in the world using Ancestry,  though it is easiest to find those with UK or American connections.  You can also print out fascinating documents like birth and marriage registers, or the passenger lists of ships carrying immigrants and emigrants to and from UK ports.

To use the full programme outside the library,  you would have to take out a subscription with the company, so your local Lambeth library is a great place to start your online research.  Just book a computer at the library, using your library card.

If you would like to know more,  come along to the Family History group and learn from our experienced users.  Don Stannard and Nora Merritt are the experts and they have already found many unexpected ancestors for group members.  It’s a lot of fun – and it’s free!

The next Family History group date is Friday 19th February 2016, from 10 to 12 .  Just come along and we will take it from there.  If you have any questions use the contact form  on the tab bar at the top of this page and we will be in touch.

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