What people say about THE DIGITAL BAZAAR®

“Outstanding.  I never knew there was anything like this!” – Brenda

“Open, diverse, welcoming, reassuring and you learn something new every time you go.”   – Helen

“Excellent community activity – get to know local people as well as IT” – Alan

“FANTASTIC! Talking to a real human being is the only way to find out how these wretched things work.  The instructions are gibberish…. I have been wanting something like this for years.”  -  Laura

“It is really very good idea to help people with sophisticated devices, like new phones and other useful things.” –  Hussein

“It’s excellent! Where else could you go for help like this?” – Irene (visually impaired)

“Very helpful in researching the use of mobiles and connecting to wi-fi on laptops” – Julia

“I appreciate the welcome given to me.  It gives me hope.” – Kofi (visually impaired)

“What a mine of useful information.  I received info about transferring data images from mobile phone to USB stick and email as well… More please.” –  Peta

“Very good and interesting introduction to Photoshop.” – Olaf

“A real community experience that helps all those who have never had the chance to be introduced to the wonders of the digital world.” – Luis

“A very productive morning – shown how to forward e-mails, had Skype and Open Office installed.  Thank you very much.” – Jana

“Extremely helpful and already opened many doors for me!” –  Celia

“I came wanting to know more about MP3 players and how to download the music and where from.  Also how to choose a mobile phone.  I found Oliver very helpful on both counts.” – Brenda

“Session v. helpful – re password security and setting up a Pay Pal account.” – Ivan

“Michael… has encouraged me to use our home computer and to investigate my family’s history.  As a result of this morning’s experience I am so enthusiastic.  Thank you.” – Jeff

“I came to learn about internet and Microsoft Word 2010. I learnt so much and gained confidence to use Windows 7″ – Rajesh

“Very good. Just took 10 minutes and I understood how to use free and paid Skype. I am going to do it at home.” – Benedita

“A great community experience. West Norwood needs this!” – Jackie

“I have learned about Facebook/Twitter etc and am keen to get back to my own computer to try things out further.” – Maureen

“This have been very useful and covered many thing I may have  not considered.” – Philip

“I just wanted to say a big thanks to whoever came up with this because… lots of people including me haven’t got much idea about digitals so this will be very helpful to me and I’m sure a lot of other people as well.” – Arit

“Well it was great to be here, I’ve enjoyed every minute of the day.” – Dona

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