To get involved as  a learner, just turn up at any of the Digital Bazaar®  sessions and see what’s interesting for you.

If you live/ work in Vauxhall/Oval/ Stockwell (TSL) or Oval/Kennington (Durning) and  have skills with the internet, computers, mobile phones, or digital cameras which you would like to share, please use the contact form, or contact us at: info at digitaltuesdays dot co dot uk.  Or just drop in at the next DIGITAL BAZAAR® and have a chat.

We are interested in everything from the basics – how to search the internet, send a text message on a mobile phone, use email or microsoft word – to high level skills like photoshop, making google maps, editing and adding sound tracks to movies, creating websites etc.  Much of what we offer is dictated by the knowledge and passions of the local people offering the training.  So if you adore gardening and know where all the best internet resources are, or you are a expert in eBay, or you run a specialist blog, or are obsessed with anything online or digital – we want to hear from you!

All of us who act as trainers also learn from each others’ expertise.  If you come to share your skills you will go away having learned all sorts of new tricks from the other trainers,  and you will also meet some of the lovely neighbours you don’t yet know.

If you can’t offer training right now,  tell us if you would like to be on the mailing list and we’ll keep you up to date on future events.

Contact/location details for Tate South Lambeth Library (TSL) here

TSL phone number is 0207 926 0705.


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