DIGITAL BAZAAR® SATURDAY 5th MARCH 2016 from 10 to 12



come along to  THE DIGITAL BAZAAR®

at Tate South Lambeth Library, 180 South Lambeth Road, London SW8 1QP

Below are just a few of the subjects we’ve covered recently.  The exact menu will be available on the day, as it depends on which of our neighbourhood trainers are with us.  We usually have 8-12 trainers and always feature basic internet and email and a range of more advanced subjects and devices including iPad, iPhone, Kindle etc

Learn to get the best from your mobile phone

Find out how to search the internet and use email

Set up a blog, use Facebook and/or Twitter

Discover how to make free calls with Skype

Make your photos look great with Photoshop

Find out about the e-book and online resources from Lambeth libraries

Learn foreign languages using free online programmes

Add music and soundtracks to your home movies

Try an iPad or Kindle eReader

Use Excel spreadsheets to make lists and manage money

Learn more about Microsoft Office Word, Powerpoint and Access

Find out how to safely buy and sell online

These are the kind of subjects you can find at the DIGITAL BAZAAR®, where local people share what they know in a friendly, informal exchange of skills and experience.

Perfect for beginners – but also for the very experienced who want to learn some new tricks.   Some who come to learn  have never touched a computer or used the internet, others have high level computer science qualifications, but want to try out a new programme like music editing software or Photoshop, or a new device.  Everyone is welcome!

Come and ask questions, see a demonstration, or try things out for yourself.  And if you own an item of digital equipment you would like to learn to use better, bring it with you and we will try to help.

All very relaxed, friendly, fun and FREE.  Come for the whole two hours or just drop in.

Dedicated support available so those with visual impairment can take part


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